"Projekt Art + Chemistry - Chemistry meets arts"

Exclusively CBS was engaged by the artist Mrs. Dusanka Udovicic, "DUSCHA", Friedrichsdorf/Taunus, Germany, with the arrangment of her unique series of pictures and work of arts - something total different.

"DUSCHA", in english "THE SOUL", because her origin is russian, was active until recently as a successful manager in the chemical industry und is living since 40 years with her husband and son in Friedrichsdorf in the beautiful Taunus-region (Near Frankfurt/Wallau).

Her extraordinary creations have a special autodidatic note, which could not be classified in a common art, but You have seen these with Your own eyes and feel with the own hands. The work of arts, on a wooden undercoat with different imaginary materials plastic and in most cases three dimensional constructed in acrylic technique, You have to analyse for Your own and explore for oneself.

We assume that a combination of art and furniture, or reversely, will meet a big interest in Your innovative, modern and open minded customer base of your famous Enterprise.

Some copies of the artist�s work with short technical data are supplemented and in addition are placed in the web under www.cbs-drschmitt.de "Projekt Art + Chemistry - Chemistry meets arts" for the examination/ evaluation through your creative Team.

Example: "Blaues Wunder" - Acryl on Wood, 205 x 49 cm"

For more pictures klick here!

Further on we would set up a personal make known, best You will visit us in the artists home. You are welcome!

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