Improvement of purchasing conditions (Raw materials, packaging, contractors, investment goods)

Goals: cost savings, improvement of quality standards, extended selection of suppliers.

Results: Throughout an intensive examination of the supplier- and the price-situation, the client receive informations to potential cost savings and their realization. In order of the client this realization can be done alone or together with the CBS.

Important: "Every purchasing manager is still the best" (This fact is also correct for some other positions in any enterprises). Is this the reality, we have the confirmation to this fact, in an other way we can optimize the work in an efficient way to the welfare of the whole company. A strong cooperation with the development- and the marketing/ sales department is indispensable (Team-work!).

Additional advantage: CBS purchasing consulting can be arranged dependent on the success. This means, the royalty is only rewarded in the case of good results, not even usual nowadays!

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