Quick co-working with best value � based on the rules of "Total Quality Management (TQM)" � in respect to economical and ecological standpoints and the existing legal conditions. Strictly customer orientated, neutral, objectiv and self-evident strong confidential.

TQM: internal and external costumer orientation of all employers and employees with takeover of responsibility for quality and costumers benefit. Self-controlling, continuous learning organisation (CIP, Kaizen).


Flexible and rapid availability of above-avarage experiences and knowledges in the fields of bodycare, detergents and cleaning products. Therefore best possibilities to gain additional market-shares.

External consulting guarantees a clear cost differentiation. The "management-on time-project" can be ended by the client at every time or can also be finished stepwise.

Good value arranging of missing and/ or necessary knowledges.

The first personal contact is without any obligation - clear, written formulation of the aims of order and consulting.

Realization of distinct cost and time savings (The 4. dimension "time" nowadays is an very important factor for reaching advantages to the customers and therefore naturally to the own company).

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