Short Project-Examples

Cost savings in purchasing chemical raw materials

Realisation of savings of about 1,7 M� in five years, purchasing volume ca 4 M�/year! Dito savings of 60 T� by a volume of 900 T�, 35 T� by volume of 150 T�, 25 T� to 500 T�; each project was worked out in around 3 months.

Estimation/investigation of "Marketing-activities in the beverages industries".

Market-analysis "Fire extinguishing-foams in Germany".

Market-analysis "Positioning of polyurethanes in automotive enterprises".

Common elaboration "Hygiene, detergents and cleansers in i & i - industries".

Optimizing of ca 70 formulations in the detergent-industries with additional cost savings of about 300 T� per year.

Outsourcing: "Responsibility for development, technical application and purchasing" in a small sized company serving retailers; 2 M� turnover.

Execution/implementation of the "Take-over of the i & i - activities of xyz to abc"; emission-volume 2,5 M�.

Improvement of the "Software/logistics powder + liquid-production in a detergent plant" - doubling the output to 10,000 tons per year. Consolidation of the bulk-production/quality assurance in a cosmetic firm.

Interim manager: "Marketing/sales contracting" - gaining 5 new customers with a production volume of ca 5,000 tons per year in 24 months.

More informations in a personally talk.

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